5ive things for you to do with your day

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5ives is a great site full of short lists (5 items in each, to be exact) that are usually amusing. They range from the mundane (and sometimes disturbing), with lists such as: “ Five objects we used to throw in the french fryer when I worked at McDonald’s“, and hilarious, such as “ Five ineffective responses to bullies.” The entire site is worth keeping an eye on, though, as there are some definite gems in here. It was created by a guy named Merlin Mann, who is self-described as “a stony recluse who probably lives in a tree somewhere in Northern California”. Strange, strange bio..(you’ve GOT to check it out) but the site is great!

Some other funny ones:
Five terrible fake Dickens characters
Five things that killed your party
Five great reasons to buy a Hummer™


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