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As most of my friends know all too well, I have a weakness for bands with girl lead singers. This band deserves to be heard for its other merits as well, though. They’re a rock band out of Morristown, TN, with a blend of flowing vocals and a highly melodic sound. Lindsey Stamey brings her smooth, almost ethereal vocals to the table, while Joel Rudnick (guitarist), Shawn Parella (bassist) and Justin Stamey (drums) round out the sound, which is usually pretty calm, but has room-filling presence. When they get down to rocking, though… it’s pretty freaking impressive too. I was also impressed that they registered both and, because I typed in quite a few times by accident. Smart band, smart music. You can listen to the track below, if you’d like. Click “dload” on the player and you’ll be able to download the track as well. Turn your speakers up, and enjoy.



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I really dig the music. Lindsey has a awsome voice and a great band backing up. I was given a sample CD a while back and was blown away! But I may be responsable for causing the “redneck” fan base. (LOL)

That’s pretty funny that you don’t know how you found this page. I hope you like it, though.

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