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As I can easily be described as a gadget geek, I order a lot of stuff. I’m also admittedly a bit over-excited when a new package is coming and tend to check the UPS or FedEx tracking sites every hour or so, or sometimes even more often than that. Jeff Boulter, who as far as I can tell works for Yahoo! (no, I’m not that excited about that company, it’s just sort of hard to spell it properly without an exclamation point.) has made a great online utility called Package Alert. You input the tracking number of the item you wish to keep track of, a descriptive name for you to remember exactly what the package is, and your email address(es). Package Alert will then send you an emailed notification whenever your package status changes, letting you know exactly where it is, what time it got there, what it is doing now, and a history of every other action your package has taken. I get them sent to my Treo and keep track of everything my package is doing, with minimal effort.

It’s totally free, but he should be charging for this. It’s the best type of product, in my opinion: Simple, yet very effective at doing exactly one thing.


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