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Everytime I download a big video, it’s usually something that my girlfriend wants to watch too. Rather than watch videos from my computer with her, and be stuck 2 feet in front of my computer monitors, on separate chairs for an hour or so, I usually copy the file onto a DVD, hook my laptop up to the entertainment center and then we watch it on the TV, from the couch… which is much more comfortable and has a larger screen. The Iomega ScreenPlay cuts out some of those steps. Just about everyone has a portable hard drive or flash drive. This goes one step farther, and lets you copy/save videos, MP3s and your photo collection to it, then play/display them on whatever TV you happen to be near. Oh, and it even comes with a remote! It’s reasonably priced, at $219.95 for the 60GB model and is available now.


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It is can be powered by either USB (from your laptop, desktop or powered hub) or by power adapter (which is included). You can plug it directly into a TV, as you would a VCR or DVD player, because it has S-Video and Composite video ports built in, and RCA Stereo outputs for sound.

It does not have a tuner card built in. It is made for letting you view videos, movies, pictures, and listen to MP3s on a TV from wherever you are.

More specifications can be found here and here.

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