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Find out just what people think!

by Richard

Ok, this one’s a simple one. Say-So is a website that allows you to set up a simple survey to find out just what people think of anything you can come up with! Have you ever come up with an idea, but wanted to know if it was worth putting your time into or not? Find out what other people around the world have to say about it before you actually do it. Ever wanted to know how other people pronounce a certain word? Want to use the power of the internet to settle a debate once and for all? Say-So is the place for you.

Examples of hot surveys on the site: Mac or PC? (of course, someone would ask this, right?), Gif of Jif?, Family Guy or The Simpsons?, and more important questions such as: Roe v. Wade Decision: Keep or overturn?


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One Response to “Find out just what people think!”

  1. Gabby Says:

    Wow. Someone read some of these….these people are brutal.