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Man, this website takes me back. It’s cool to see how much technology has changed/advanced in the past 10 years. This website showcases over 3000 videogame ads, both past and present. Of course, the first video I had to search for was one for the Power Glove for NES. Remember that thing? Nintendo’s always had controllers that are different from the norm.. Mario Paint’s pad and mouse, the Power Pad, the Zapper (light gun)..and now the Revolution controller. Good times.


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Wow, I didn’t think I’d ever see this thing again. I remember watching the ads for the Power Glove on TV and thinking to myself, this has got the be the coolest thing ever. How times have changed…

Yeah, I couldn’t even afford an NES at that point (i just played it at my cousin’s house) and when I saw that, I about died! Every boy likes robots, and this meant that I could be one too! (sort of.)

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