A candle that even I would use

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Just about every girl I’ve been around seems to own enough candles to light up an entire neighborhood for a week. Personally, I don’t like them… to me they’re open flames that will somehow end up getting knocked over and setting something on fire, and who wants to invite fire into their house? Isn’t this 2005? Doesn’t everyone have a lantern or at least a flashlight? Oh… they’re romantic and you want to set the mood with lighting? Again, this is 2005 and they make dimmer switches now.

These changed my mind, though. I’ve actually found something that I would buy if I needed a candle or two. These Philips Aurelle LED candles aren’t a fire hazard, charge in special docks, and last for 6 hours at a time. Oh, and they’re available in different shapes and don’t look tacky. They even flicker, for goodness sake!


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