How to sell magnetic paper.

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I can’t really endorse MagneCote, because I’ve never seen or used their magnetic paper, but the website that they made to advertise it is hilarious. This girl is brutal. Make sure you are in a place where having your sound on is not a problem, then click below. When you first get to the site, just leave it alone for a few minutes… you’ll find out why. Then, type away. It gets better!


Bonus link! If you missed SNL this past weekend, you MUST watch this spoof of Steve Jobs. My girlfriend and I were howling with laughter when we saw this. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve seen on SNL in a long time.

one more thing. I made a Frappr map for all FreshArrival readers, so please take a second or 2 and go add yourself, if you would. Thanks!

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