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Ice is irrelevant.

by Richard

Pavina glass

How cool is this glass? I’m not a fan of ice at all… in fact I usually don’t even put it in my water… so I’m big on insulated glasses that keep my drinks cold without the use of frozen water blocks. Of course, it will keep hot drinks hot also, so go ahead and put your tea in it too! This particular one is well designed and made of borosilicate glass, which is stronger and lighter than regular glass, so even though it looks like a heavy glass, it’s actually not. Also, if this design is not quite your style, try the Canteen one.


I’ll be out of town for the holiday (and will be in the country, away from high speed internet). I will resume posting on Monday for sure… however, I will attempt to post a Friday FreshArrival.. so don’t forget to take a break from shopping and check here, just in case!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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