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Magical toilet paper

by Richard

My girlfriend keeps wanting to buy one of these things, and I keep telling her it’s a bad idea. I’ve never seen the point of a toilet paper holder that sits right on the side of the toilet, when everyone has a cabinet in the bathroom they can easily use. They’re always wooden, pretty shoddily made, and I could easily build one by myself with a few 2x4s and a box of nails. This changed my mind. I’d actually get one of these. Who can argue with pop-up toilet paper?


edit: Sorry about forgetting to include the link the first time. I don’t know how it slipped my mind!

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2 Responses to “Magical toilet paper”

  1. Richard Barkins Says:

    You have a link to this thing for more info? What’s it called anyway?

  2. Richard Says:

    It’s simply called the Pop-Up Toilet Paper Holder. I’ve added the link to the post. I apologize for somehow leaving it off before. Thanks for pointing it out.