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Hidden in plain view

by Richard

The Retail Alphabet Game is a great way to spend half an hour. Basically, it’s a game that gives you 26 letters of the alphabet to identify… but you’re not identifying the letters themselves, you’re figuring out what logos they are from. Joey Katzen has taken US logos for both corporate brands and products, cut one letter out of each, and challenges you to identify the logo based on that one letter. In my experience, some were fairly easy to get, some I didn’t know at all, and some I knew that I knew, and felt like a complete idiot for not figuring it out before giving up and looking at the answers. There are 4 editions of the game for you to play, so you should probably get started now. Have fun!


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One Response to “Hidden in plain view”

  1. Matt Says:

    I got 8 before giving up.