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Instant Ice.

by Richard

This is just so amazing that I just had to post it today. This guy left a bottle of water outside in below-freezing weather, brought it back inside and found that it almost instantly turned into ice when it was disturbed. He repeated it the next day, videotaped it and put the videos online. It’s supercooling in action, at someone’s house. I wish I could easily try this, but as it never gets anywhere close to being that cold around here in LA. Check the videos out.


For the more morbid of you guys, check out the Bunny Suicides. Someone just drew a ton of cartoons where bunnies commit suicide in inventive ways. It’s sad, cute and hilarious at the same time.

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2 Responses to “Instant Ice.”

  1. Chris Johnson Says:

    These are scanned from the Bunny Suicides books: There has already been legal action taken to remove the images from another web site (see the two removed entries when googling for ‘bunny suicides’) so I suspect this site may be short-lived too.

  2. Richard Says:

    Yeah, I found that out today as well. I think these books are totally worth picking up. If you’re in the US, here’s the Amazon link. Thanks for the comment!