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Shirts that hurt

by Richard

Because they look so good! Rob Dobi makes some really well designed tees and sells them through FullBleed. These shirts feature vector drawings based on short phrases that inspire his work. Don’t forget to check his archive to see some of the brilliant designs that were once available from the site (hopefully he’ll bring a few back as limited editions at some point). I’m a big fan of “Stop”, Surf’s Up Dudes! and “Work is for the Birds”, to name a few. They’re well worth the money (at $18 including shipping for US buyers), and are available internationally.

They’re printed on American Apparel shirts, and are printed by some of my best friends in the whole world (who’ve made shirts for me in the past), Jess and Eric at Mammoth PrintShop, so you know the print quality is amazing too. These shirts will stand up to a washing machine in style.


The Da Vinci Code trailer, apparently featuring Tom Hanks and Ian McKellen is now online.

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One Response to “Shirts that hurt”

  1. graeme Says:

    My credit card might have to come out of hiding for “Surf’s Up”. Great find, although I’m still a big fan of as well.