Take control of take-out

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Who knew you could be this organized with take-out menus? My girlfriend and I are pretty busy these days, and find ourselves eating take-out more and more these days. We’re amassing a rather large collection of menus and we’ve just put them in a big canister in the kitchen. When it’s time to eat, we have to first dig through the menu stack and figure out where we want to eat, then figure out what we’ve eaten from that particular place, what we liked and didn’t like, then finally… what we want to eat that night. This seems like a great solution that would help us out a lot as far as knowing what we’ve already eaten and speeding up the decision making process. It comes with a binder, accessories pouch, six section dividers, thirty clear sleeves for menu storage, one order-taking pad, one pad of ratings stickies, two pens, two dry-erase pens, six interior pages with frequently called numbers, how-to, tips for takeout, the essay on the Definitive History of Takeout, and a sheet of 38 cuisine tab labels. You can’t get much more organized than that.


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