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AJAX at its finest.

by Richard

It seems like every new web application uses AJAX. Some sites use it just to say that they’re using it, but don’t really offer any real benefits over normal, static pages. Some, however push the envelope a bit. Protopage has been around for a little while now, but I didn’t really like Version 1, as I didn’t feel that it offered anything too special. Version 2 is now out, though, and now I’m strongly considering making a Protopage my start page. Some of the features that a Protopage offers are: access to your RSS feeds, notes & reminders, frequently accessed bookmarks, the ability to make your entire page (or sections) private, and wallpaper so you can give your page a more personalized feel. One thing I really liked when I was testing the site out was that you don’t have to create an account just to try it out. You’re given a page when you get there, and you can immediately try it out, customize it, and then if you like it you’re given the option to save it. There’s no barrier to entry at all, and that’s a very nice touch, I think.

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One Response to “AJAX at its finest.”

  1. paulo priess Says:

    best site i´ve seen in YEARS.
    tks for that!!