Hide and seek.

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If you’ve seen Garden State or The Chronicles of Narnia, you’ve heard Imogen Heap. Imogen hails from Essex, England and has been busy for years making her own brand of music that is amazingly layered with all sorts of sounds, intricate melodies and harmonies. The first single from her new album is called “Hide and Seek” and was created using no instruments at all, but who needs instruments when you have a voice like hers? She tours worldwide, so if she’s near you anythime soon, do yourself a favor and check her show out.

Imogen’s given me permission to post a song from her latest album “Speak for Yourself” for streaming/download here on FreshArrival. You can play it below using the built-in Flash player, and download the track as well by clicking on the “dload” link on the side of the player. The rest of the album can be streamed from her website and bought here for only $9.99.

Imogen Heap
Goodnight & Go


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