Your voicemail, in your email.

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I tried this service out this weekend, and it’s pretty cool. It allows you to listen to your cell phone or landline voicemail both online and in your email. The way it operates is simple. Their system calls your voicemail system, enters your voicemail PIN and then records your new messages. It then notifies you via email that you have new voicemail and gives you an MP3 attachment that you can immediately open and It’s totally free, so give it a shot. Even if you don’t use it to listen to your messages, it can be useful as an archive of your voicemail, as automated voicemail systems usually delete them after awhile. as for me, I’m totally aggravated with the way my voicemail system works, and this allows me to bypass it altogether.


If you’d like to link to FreshArrival, (I’d be really grateful if you did!) there are now some transparent buttons you can use. They can be found here.

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