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scanR is a service that lets you take a picture of whatever document or whiteboard you happen to be looking at with your ever-present camera phone, send it to them, and then be emailed a PDF of the document in question. scanR supports Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon phones, but if your carrier is not supported you can just email them and they’ll see what they can do! The service requires a 1 megapixel phone though, so make sure yours is supported at this page. If it doesn’t work with your current phone, it will probably work with the next one you get, so keep it in mind!

If your phone is supported and you try it out, please post your experience in the comments below. I’ve got a Treo650 and can’t try this out, so it would be very helpful.


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ScanR: Cameraphone Scanner

I just found out about a great new service called ScanR from the FreshArrival blog. Basically, ScanR lets you use your camera phone as a scanner. Take a picture with your 1 mega pixel or better camera phone and send

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