No more movie indecision.

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Your days of wandering around the video store trying to find something good to watch are over. In their own words: cin-o-matic provides “a lot of information about a lot of movies in an easily scannable, filterable, and sortable format.” Basically, you can check out movies that have come out recently, both in the theatres and on DVD. There are colors that instantly give you an average rating of the movie so you can visually scan for movies that are bad before you spend time reading about them. You can filter by all sorts of things, like release date, release type, genre, MPAA rating, and the Cin-O-Matic rating, which is an average of all critic ratings for that particular release. You don’t even have to visit the site all the time to keep up with movies that haven’t come out yet, for you can be reminded via email when they do. To me, that’s the best feature of all.


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I thought this was a pretty good use of AJAX. The domain name says it all.

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