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MuteMath is a band that defies explanation and exceeds expectation. From their lead singer Paul’s stage presence, which includes jumping onto his piano while playing The Atari and his ability to use his voice as if it were an instrument of its own, to their drummer… who, before every show comes onstage and tapes his headphones to his head with duct tape and then proceeds to drum like some sort of mad robot, to the music itself, which is electronic, experimental, rocking and very fresh and new, MuteMath is simply one of the best, most original bands I’ve seen in my life. They mix styles and genres like no one else, and make them combine into a sound that you will definitely have never heard before (unless you already listen to MuteMath). They’re going on tour next year, so try to catch them if you can. They do not disappoint, and really know how to put on a show.

Here’s a song from their upcoming full length album, only available at MuteMath shows for the time being.



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they have more tracks on they’re pretty good, thanks for the heads up. definitely going to go see them in sf.

Yeah, I went to see them in Houston in November, i think it was… they were playing with Mae, Circa Survive and Mashlin, but they definitely stole the show. I went to buy a shirt and EP in the back while Mae was playing and ran into Paul. He’s cool offstage too! I almost can’t believe they’re from New Orleans, 45 mins away from me. Crazy.

I’ve definitely got to check them out on tour this time too.

Definitely NOTHING like the music I usually listen to. But I’m a sucker for good vocals. And that’s what I love about music….Ah…music. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

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