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Even in an apartment, it’s hard to listen to music in a different room without making it unbearably loud in the room that the speakers are located in. The Squeezebox v3, from Slim Devices lets you stream music in an array of formats, as well as internet radio to a different room in your house, with full control of the tracks that are playing, volume, and other options. It’s got a vacuum fluorescent display that looks pretty amazing, supports wireless 802.11b/g networks up to 54Mbps and can also be wired directly in via an Ethernet port, for 100Mbps of throughput. It’s well designed and thought out, and can be upgraded to support new features as time goes on. I’ve linked a full review of it below.


Looks like it’s the time of the year for the Bloggies to be decided! I’ve already put in nominations for Best Kept Secret, Best Topical Weblog, and Best Designed (just for the hell of it). If you enjoy FreshArrival, please nominate it. Thanks!

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