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The Sony Reader was just announced at CES, and looks like a great new product for those of us who like words printed on paper. It allows you to read PDFs, personal documents, blogs, RSS feeds, JPEGs and even play music. It includes the ability to resize the text onscreen to whatever you want, for ease of reading. Sony seems to be doing it right this time, as they have even included the ability to use SD cards to store files on, and haven’t locked it down to their proprietary Memory Stick. Pricing is not available yet, but it’s freaking cool and if the screen quality is anything like their previous, Japan only e-book reader, I’ll be getting one. It would be perfect for reading books that are freely available online, but have relatively expensive hard copies.

MORE INFO (and full press release)
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i was just talking to my mom about something exactly like this, only i didn’t know this existed yet. i decided i need something compact to read all my books on instead of having 90 million books laying around my house that i’ve already read. thanks for the find :-D i’ll be waiting on this one to come out.

p.s. I’ll see you in 2 weeks!!

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