A dry-erase board, anywhere.

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I’m working on learning a new programming language, and decided that to keep up with what I was learning, I needed a dry-erase board above my desk to write some concepts down for quick reference. While doing some online research for dry-erase board pricing, I found these 3M Post-it® Super Sticky Whiteboard Sheets. They roll up, so they’re easily portable and don’t take up much space when stored, and they stick to the wall all by themselves. They’re made by 3M, manufacturer of just about every adhesive known to man, so you know that they won’t take a piece of your wall with them when you remove them. This looks like it’d work very well in an apartment, study group or anywhere that you’d like to have a dry-erase board without punching holes in a wall. Excellent.


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At my office we have this cool wallpaper whiteboard. You can apply it to any wall or surface. We coated a couple offices fully for big brainstoming sessions. Not as portable as the uber-large post-its.

3m is copying a product that has been on the market for a few years. It is called GoWrite! and their trademark is “DryErase AnyPlace! tm”. Check out the site at http://www.easelpad.com They make reusable dry erase easel pads, and self stick dry erase sheets & rolls. GoWrite! is significantly less expensive and works great.


Hey, Liisa, when leaving such an incredibly unbiased review, you probably don’t want to link your name to your company . :)

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