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iPod belt buckle.

by Richard

I guess someone had to do it. The iPod nano is tiny, scratches easily so it needs to be in a case all of the time, and people like to have their iPods with them at all times. Why not combine all of those things and make a fashion statement at the same time? Enter the TuneBuckle. (if you reload the front page you can see what it looks like with both white and black nanos inside)


If you enjoyed the Imogen Heap post from the other day, you should know that she is playing on the David Letterman show tonight, Jan 10. Check her out.

Also: Foldable pens that fit in your wallet! Always have a pen handy.

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10 Responses to “iPod belt buckle.”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar, and the belt buckle is nice too.

  2. Richard Says:

    Man, that’s funny. I actually laughed out loud at that comment.

  3. Chris Coyier Says:

    Reminds me of those MP3 Player breast implants everyone was talking about a while ago. Squeeze for random.

  4. Princess Says:

    Uh, it seems like common sense to NOT DISPLAY you iPod for someone to steal. They already pick you out b/c of the white earbuds. Why make it easier for them? Good idea, but totally impractical.

  5. Joe MacCarthy Says:

    Pop some Prefuse 73 into that pod and watch the eggs do a belly sizzle…….

  6. Al Says:

    Like it, but viewing the display could be tough on the subway, unless your were sitting. I could imagine the looks when that hottie unbuckles her pants to scroll. Yeah Baby!

  7. samantha Says:

    WAH LAU!! NICE!!

  8. Peter Says:

    I don’t own an iPod, but something tells me I’d have no problem pushing all the right buttons.

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