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Truveo is a specialized search engine that does one thing, and one thing well: search for videos on the web. Is there some commercial that you just saw on TV and want to see again? Truveo. Saw some cool SNL sketch that is all over the web, but for some reason you can’t find it? Truveo. Want to see the highlights from the last big bowl game? Truveo. It also has a button called “Top Picks” that shows you the top ranked videos on Truveo at the moment, so you can just browse and see what other people think is cool. Each result shows you a shot from the video, tells you the quality, format, length in minutes/seconds, date it was posted, and gives you a link to play the video immediately. I’ve found music videos on it, movie trailers on it, comedy routines on it and some pretty hilarious videos in general. The best way to know exactly how good it is at doing what it does best is to give it a try.

I was a little disappointed, though that it couldn’t find my favorite video on the web right now. Man, it’s hilarious. PSP. Hells yeah.


These “super push-pins” are pretty cool too.

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