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If you’re into concert posters and the accompanying artwork, you’ve got to check this site out. They’ve got all sorts of tour poster from venues/tours in the US and Canada, and are adding more all the time. They include bands from all genres, such as Muse, Norma Jean, Sara Harmer, Switchfoot, The Killers, Starsailor, Metric, Death Cab for Cutie and much more. They’re also all $7, as far as I can tell. Some of these posters are prety nice, and at $7, who can argue?


I’m thinking about getting a Mac mini within the next few days so that I can have a better environment for Ruby on Rails, as I’m going to be programming a lot for a new site, and so that I can write a FreshArrival widget. I’m just curious, are there any must-have programs for Mac users out there? Anything you just can’t live without, or just something that is terribly cool and Mac exclusive? Please let me know.

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Well, beside the major apps that are also on windows (e.g. Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia) and Apple’s very good apps (e.g. Safari, iPhoto, iTunes,, here are some Mac recommendations. Just google ’em and email me if you can’t find one.

1) .Mac – has a number of benefits; check and see if they’d do you good
2) Quicksilver – incredibly useful launcher/mega-tool; avoids a lot of painful/tedious mousing
3) DoSomethingWhen – triggers almost any action when, for ex, you plug in a USB memory stick
4) Cocktail – excellent maintenance utility
5) MenuCalendarClock iCal – make the clock in the menubar better
6) Applescript – builtin, lets you make potentially VERY useful scripts/applications that can do many things you’d rather not have to do yourself

And don’t miss Activity Monitor, which is in the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder. I keep that thing running all the time with a floating CPU monitor gauge, and a memory gauge as an icon in the dock.
Also, move the dock to the right side of the screen (or left if you’re a lefty I guess). Having it on the bottom is just dumb.

This website has good Mac-centric advice on getting one’s act together and being productive:

Finally, this website is pretty much the greatest for doing awesome stuff with Mac OS X, and the forums are outstanding for getting help with just about any problem or question:

Terribly cool and mac exclusive: Quicksilver

It’s a “launcher” program, but it does a lot more. I think the best way to explain it is that it allows you to do things on your computer in the way that *you* think about them instead of the way the *computer* thinks about them.

For example, if all the sudden I feel like visiting, I just press control-space (to activate Quicksilver) and start typing F-R-E… and by then my bookmark for fresharrival will be selected and I press enter. It will launch my browser and come to this page. It also can learn, for example, if I also occationally visit a website called, but I come to more often, fresharrival will be the one selected first (despite being out of alphabetical order), but will be right below it.

It works the same way for applications, documents, music….and this is just one thing that Quicksilver does.

Cool, I’m definitely looking at TextMate as my Ruby on Rails editor of choice, as I hear it is THE application for RoR programming. I’ll definitely look at TextWrangler, as I’ve never even heard of it, though.

Quicksilver sounds pretty freaking neat, as do just about all of your suggestions. Thanks for the suggestions so far!

I use (and recommend):

Transmit for ftp
Subethaedit for html/css editing
Adium for chatting (like an osx trillian, but free)
TigerLaunch for quick access to programs
Textpander for macros (like when i type e-m-l it replaces it automatically with my email address)
Sallingclicker (if you have a bluetooth phone)
and all the goodies you can get on (but at the very least SafariStand)

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