Wonder Vases

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These are some really cool vases. They’re made of a thermal sensitive polymer, so you can put some warm water in them, and then shape a water-tight vase out of the material. You then put some cold water in them and your design solidifies. Instant vases! When you’re done, you just run it under some warm water and the vase flattens for easy storage. Simple, and totally cool.


via the red ferret

Tomorrow, a FreshArrival exclusive.

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I gotta agree with you-these are pretty sweet. I actually picked up a couple at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam this past May. I got two of the size pictured here and a smaller/skinnier version. Definitely recommend the larger size, as the smaller size was too skinny to do anything that interesting with it. Also- be warned about keeping the vase in sunlight, as this can also cause the plastic to soften- loosing shape and possibly spilling water. A really fun piece overall.

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