No Drip Umbrella.

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One of my major pet peeves about using umbrellas is that there is no way to get inside of my car without flinging water across the seats or some other part of the interior. Then, wherever I end up putting it down in the car, a pool of water ends up where the umbrella was lying. Apparently someone had the same problem and decided to actually do something about it. The No Drip Umbrella is a pretty cool solution to the problem. It’s a large automatic umbrella that employs a built-in case for the umbrella so when you get to a place that is covered, you just slide the case right over the umbrella. It looks pretty good when it’s closed too. I only have one issue with it. When it’s open, you might draw a little undue attention to yourself, because it looks a bit like a prophylactic when the umbrella’s open. Yeah. It’s basically an umbrella with a built-in condom. It seems to work, though! It’s priced just like a normal umbrella, at $14.99, so I think it’s worth a shot. And if someone decides to laugh at your umbrella, you can laugh at their wet car interior.


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These things were all over the place in Taiwan when I last visited…12 years ago. I always thought the reason they weren’t popular hear was because of the mentioned resemblance to a condom.

I’ve seen them in Asia before too, and always thought they were interesting. Cool that I can easily get my hands on one now.. with the rainy season approaching. nice find!

They’ve been in NYC for at least a couple of years.

On a related note, there’s a store here — I forget which — that has a dispenser near the entrance that dispenses long, thin plastic bags for slipping wet umbrellas into.

Yeah, Wal-Mart and other supermarkets / department stores usually have those types of bags at the entrance, but I’m not the biggest fan of those, as water tends to pool in them and leak out, as all the ones I’ve seen don’t close at the top. Also, you end up with a wet bag, and who wants a wet bag? :) I like this solution to the problem the best, as you don’t have to do anything special to have it with you.. take your umbrella and you’ve got a case. It’s all about convenience, I think.

[…] Previous post update: Gee! Technologies (the company behind the No Drip Umbrella) was kind enough to send me one so I could check it out for myself. One thing that they don’t mention on their website is that the end of the umbrella cover screws off so that the water can drain out. Also, the collapsed case actually doesn’t look that bad on top of the opened umbrella. I like it. […]

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