Tiny paper towel roll.

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While this may have more of a “neat” factor than actual usefulness, this product is definitely cool. It’s a paper towel that is packed into what looks like an extremely small roll, but expands into an 9×11 inch sheet when a drop of water is placed on it. I personally don’t have a use for it, but I’m sure someone does. Check out the animation if you want to see exactly what it looks like compressed and uncompressed. You get 8 of these paper towels for $6.


I thought this video of a guy’s model Tower of Piza getting knocked down by a reporter was hilarious. I know it’s most likely fake, but it’s still funny.

Forget King Kong, it’s Godzilla that will have your Tivo running scared. I’ve actually been testing BeyondTV 4 for the past few weeks or so (although on a much lesser pc than that) and I’ll be reviewing it on FreshArrival shortly. In short, though, I love it.

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Man, more people need to learn about this site. It’s pretty cool, but it is pretty new so I guess it’ll take awhile. I’ll just advertise it for you in my AIM profile lol.

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