The Slanket.

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I was sick the past week with a nasty bug and stayed under the covers on the couch for a few days. This would really have been helpful. The Slanket is, simply put: a blanket with sleeves. It’s near impossible to sit up on the couch with a blanket on and actually DO something as simple as use a remote, read a book or talk on the phone without the blanket falling down your shoulders. This blanket, available in 5 colors aims to solve exactly that problem. It allows you the freedom to do whatever you want with your hands, with the warmth of a full fledged blanket around you. Cool.


Check this website out.. It’s full of “facts” about Chuck Norris. Hilarious website, I must say. You. Must. Read.

Previous post update: Gee! Technologies (the company behind the No Drip Umbrella) was kind enough to send me one so I could check it out for myself. One thing that they don’t mention on their website is that the end of the umbrella cover screws off so that the water can drain out. Also, the collapsed case actually doesn’t look that bad on top of the opened umbrella. I like it.

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