Custom fortune cookies.

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Are you and your significant other always eating chinese takeout? Looking for a cool Valentine’s Day present, or just a cool novelty gift? Now, you can get custom fortune cookies made to order, in all sorts of different ways. Custom Fortune Cookie Company makes giant fortune cookies, regular sized fortune cookies, fortune cookie bouquets, milk chocolate, white chocolate or caramel dipped fortune cookies, all with your own customized message of up to 90 characters for the regular sizes and 120 characters for the giant ones.

They’re very reasonably priced too, from $18 for a giant one to $23 for a dozen regular sized ones.


Man, posting the FreshArrival was pretty hard tonight. My internet’s all screwed up, and half the sites I’m trying to read aren’t even loading. Ugh.

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you’re right, richard…i absolutely love today’s post…now where did i put my credit card…

One of my friends used this idea to ask a girl out….it was rotten that she said no. Heck, I wanted to go out with him when he told me that he had done that for her.

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