The ultimate beanbag chair.

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Corda-Roy sells a beanbag chair, loveseat, recliner, and bed all in one. This looks like a great piece of furniture to add to a dorm room, first-time apartment (I slept on a futon for awhile before I got a sofa OR bed), game room or anywhere where a full bed may be needed at some point, but not all of the time. They come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles (from the 4 in one beanbag sofa or chair to a pet bed). Check out the demo video to see exactly how this chair/sofa/recliner/bed works.


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Their website is definitely really slick. Looking at the Lovesac, it’s a really cool piece of furniture, but the reason I thought the ones from Cordaroy were so awesome is that you can pull out the entire filling, shake it a couple of times… and you have an instant bed. Is there a similar version of the Lovesac somewhere?

i like the idea. There any store fronts that sell them? theres a few things I probably wouldnt buy online….furniture is one, a wife from russia is the other. Some things you have to see and test drive~

They don’t seem to have any storefronts personally, but they have a location page where you can see the stores in your state that DO carry them. I’ve linked it below.

Store Locations

In LA, they sell them at the Mall of LA and some standalone mattress store.

Richard: I don’t believe so… i’ll admit that’s a cool thing about the Corda-Roys, but LoveSacs aren’t beanbag chairs… they’re filled with foam, and are SO absolutely comfortable. Sometimes I go see my friend just to sit in the LoveSac. In fact, when friends are over, the first seat always taken is the LoveSac. :)

However, having a beanbag chair that turns into other furniture is rather nifty.

According to the Cordaroy website, their beanbag chairs are filled with shredded, polyurethane foam, so I think that when they say beanbag, they’re just referring to the style of chair. In any event, they’re both cool products. Thanks for pointing the LoveSac out!

hey i just went to a show that has these
they are so very soft I loved them and they make great beds too
so cool why didn’t i think of that

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