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by Richard

If there’s one thing I’m crazy about, it’s desktop wallpaper for my computers. Selecting just the right wallpaper is something I take very seriously because it sets a tone for everything I do on the PC while it’s up (I’m a little anal about it, but hey, I’ve got to look at it every day :)) This website has a little of everything, including abstract designs, celebrities, animals, computers, cars, movies, sports and a whole lot more. The design of the site is pretty cool, to boot. I’ve found wallpapers on there that I haven’t seen anywhere else (and that’s saying something, cause I have seen a lot of wallpapers). The site is a bit slow, but it’s worth it. Everyone likes a good wallpaper, right?


Thanks, Bogdan!

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2 Responses to “wallpaperstock.”

  1. Toni Says:

    Thx for the kind works! About the speed problem … we just moved to a new server today to it should fly :)

  2. ~Dawn Says:

    Thank you for that site, I will use it regularly for work, I like to change wallpaper every week or so.