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The X-Files.

by Richard

Are you a fan of the X-Files? Ever tried to buy a season of that show? They ran at oh, about $120 each.. Since the X-Files is just about the longest running sci-fi show ever at 9 seasons, (a number only surpassed by Stargate SG-1)… if you wanted the series in its entirety, you had to spend over $1000 plus tax. Ridiculous. Of course, no one really bought them at that price.. probably because people like to have a/c, heat, electricity and to be able to eat food. Yesterday, however the seasons were re-released at a MUCH more reasonable price of $39.99. Right now, they’re at Best Buy for 34.99 AND there’s a sale right now, so if you buy 2 seasons they’re about $27 each and if you buy 3 seasons they’re about $24 each. If you’re a fan of the X-Files, this is a ridiculously great deal, and well worthy of being today’s FreshArrival. Heck, I went out and bought seasons 1 and 2 today.


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6 Responses to “The X-Files.”

  1. Chris Coyier Says:

    Well that’s good to know. Maybe I’ll spend a month or two starting from the beginning.

    This past fall I spent 2 months knocking out SG-1 seasons 1 through 7. It’s not even that good of a show, but it’s Sci-Fi and a brother’s gotta have his fix.

  2. Richard Says:

    Stargate SG-1 not that good of a show? Blasphemy! Especially if you’re talking about Season 1-7.

    Richard Dean Anderson, man… Richard Dean Anderson :) You can’t argue with MacGyver.

  3. Matt Says:

    Me and my roomate have been watching the first 4 seasons of smallville. I’m lucky enough that he will buy them, cause I like em and all but probably not willing to shell out the money for the DVD sets.

    I was a pretty big Xfiles fan…i missed the very last episode, which has me thinking about searching for some kinda summary or maybe trying to find it online. Gillian Anderson was definently hot in an FBI / handcuff you kinda way.

    Only DVD set I would like to buy now is X-men, the cool cartoon they had back in the 90’s. They need to revive some old cartoons like that, they would probably make some decent revenue selling the DVD sets.

  4. grubi Says:

    “Longest running” at nine seasons? Hello?

    Have we never heard of “Doctor Who”? WHich lasted more than 25 seasons?


  5. Richard Says:

    Longest running science fiction series in the US, I’m sorry. I’ve heard about Doctor Who, but have never watched it or really paid any attention to it. :-/

  6. d-thinker Says:

    I did get series 2 for £15 on video, also I got season 4 on DVD and that cost £85, but did you know it was released again on DVD, and remastered and at a lower cost selling for £40, and I got season 3 of the new version. I think this covers the best of the series of the X-Files.

    Doctor is not that bad, especially because they include so many extra features on the dvd versions.