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I spent a good chunk of time watching the videos on this site Friday night. It has funny commercials, clips from TV shows, comedy, music, sports videos and more. It’s new, but updated pretty regularly, so it’d probably be a good idea to bookmark it. Here are some I found entertaining: Bad Brakes, NFL’s greatest hits (OUCH!), You’re getting robbed, The snowy car, Strong hair gel, Fastest knockout ever.

SuperBowl, ShmuperBowl. MacGyver’s back!


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[…] I forgot to post about this. I love football, but the Superbowl is not my favorite sports event just for that reason. The other reason I love the Superbowl is—you guessed it—the commercials. You’ve seen my post about the United “Dragon” commercial already, but it wasn’t my favorite one that day. That honor goes to the super-duper, crescent fresh, just plain awesome MacGyver MasterCard priceless commercial. Man, I miss that show. (Via Fresh Arrival) Filed under Raves , Movies/TV , Sports , Advertising []     […]

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