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by Richard

coComment allows you to keep track of all of the comments that you make on blogs, and the resulting conversation and responses to them. I’ve definitely commented a lot on blogs and forgotten to check later on to see whether or not I ever got a response. The only comments I really keep track of are the ones for sites I visit daily, and even then I have to remember to go back to the previous day’s post just to see whether or not anyone ever responded to me. With coComment, that problem is solved. I can keep track of my comments by just logging into coComment or even via an RSS/Atom feed. coComment uses a browser bookmarklet that you click on before submitting your comment. From then on, it keeps track of your comments on that page for you. In my experience with it, I found it simple to use, and unobtrusive.

coComment is in private beta right now, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s live. If you comment on blogs with any sort of regularity, I recommend that you do. It’s free!


via Chris

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2 Responses to “coComment.”

  1. Chris Coyier Says:

    “coComment is in private beta right now, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s live.”

    If you sign up to to be notified, you should receive an invite in a couple of hours. Worked that way for me and several other people I’ve spoke to.

  2. The Emotional Pumpkin » This sounds really cool: Says:

    […] Supercool. A way to keep track of your comments on other people’s blogs. The service is still in private beta (read: by invitation only), but it will be free once it launches. Aww yeah. (Via Fresh Arrival via What Do I Know) Filed under Internet/Technology []     […]