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Blue Tongue Films

by Richard

Blue Tongue Films is an Australian company that has made several critically acclaimed short films and videos.
Their website is a little annoying, with a short Flash intro that I couldn’t find a way to skip, but the shorts are well worth a look.

I really, really liked “Lucky.” It’s the story of a guy who wakes up in the trunk of a speeding car. (Requires QuickTime player)


If you’ve got Firefox and browse Flickr galleries a lot, this script is a great time saver. Just FYI, it requires Greasemonkey (a free Firefox extension) to run.

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3 Responses to “Blue Tongue Films”

  1. MovieFan Says:

    Hi! I have to say that the Blue Tongue site is really too unfriendly – that it really detracts from the movies. I attempted to watch Jac et Bill, but could only get a preview and still haven’t figured out how to watch the whole movie. Also, you keep getting the annoying splash screen (like if you accidentaly press back button). Anyways, I much prefer to stick with my regular short film website . In any case, thanks for the daily links – I really enjoy them.

  2. The Emotional Pumpkin » Psst! Says:

    […] Threadless is having a secret sale. Don’t tell anybody! I won’t. (Via FreshArrival) Filed under Art/Design , Fashion []     […]

  3. Richard Says:

    MovieFan: that’s why I linked directly to my favorite one. There really IS no reason for a website to be that awful to use. It’s 2006, for goodness sake.