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Tired of having a cell phone or laptop that looks just like everyone else’s? Cellfan lets you skin just about any major gadget that you may have. They include laptops (for all major brands), mp3 players, cell phones, gaming devices and even some devices you probably wouldn’t have even thought about skinning… like Tivos and their remotes, PDAs and satellite radios. You can even skin a Mac mini if you’d like. They have a nice selection of skin designs including sports, music, entertainment, comics and art. In a nice touch, the Apple computer skins all have a cutout so that the Apple logo can show through. Also, the appliques come off easily for repositioning or permanent removal without any sticky residue. You can see a picture of a Rolling Stones skin with an Apple cutout and read more about Cellfan skins in this post at Chip Chick. Prices start at a reasonable $12.95.


Remember Aerogel, the crazy substance that’s almost as light as air, but can support thousands of times its weight and can also negate sound, heat and electrical current? Now you can have some of your very own, starting at $40.

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