DTV: Internet TV.

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DTV is an application made by the Participatory Culture Foundation that lets you watch internet TV (video podcasts) on your computer. It automatically downloads your favorite video podcasts (channels) and gives you an intuitive interface for watching them. If you’ve got a list of new shows you haven’t watched and start playing the first one, it will work its way down the list all by itself. It was really like watching TV, to me because I could work on my computer and watch DTV without having to touch the program at all. If you’d like to create a channel of your own, they’ve even written some software called Broadcast Machine to help you out with distribution.

DTV is Mac only right now, but the Windows version will be out next week, on the 21st. If you’ve got a Windows PC and can’t use it right now, sign up for the notification list and check it out when it’s available.


FreshArrival made it into the Summit Daily News, a Colorado newspaper. Thanks to Erin of timeforcake for the writeup!

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As cool as podcasts and video podcasts are (very), I have a hard time believing that they are going to “change the way people watch TV” or “change the world of radio”. The fact is, only about half of households even have a computer. Only a portion of those have broadband internet. Only a portion of those have a new enough computer to watch video on comfortably, and only a portion of those have any willingness/desire to use their computer as an entertainment device in that way. On top of that, there really isn’t a solid business model for people making and distributing video podcasts, so the quality isn’t quite there yet.

Unfortunately, ts going to be a long time until mainstream TV is going to feel anything more than a ripple from video podcasts.

hey hey hey.. i never said it was going to replace TV… just that it worked a bit like one. i agree video podcasts aren’t going to overtake TV.. but I don’t think that’s really the goal either…at this point anyway. I think DTV’s goal in calling it internet TV is to give users something familiar to start from. not many people know what a video podcast is, but everyone knows what TV is.

I wasn’t trying to disagree with you on any particular point, I just felt like saying what I had to say about all this podcasting business. I hear about how podcasting is going to change this and that ALL THE TIME and it’s just dumb =).

More on point, the DTV program is quite awesome. Well designed and efficent.

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