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JPG Magazine.

by Richard

JPG Magazine is the brainchild of Derek Powazek and his wife, Heather Powazek Champ. It’s a very well designed and laid out magazine that features the work of what they dub the “in-between photographers”… people who aren’t professional photographers/camera geeks, but don’t just point and shoot either. Normally they pick a theme and accept submissions for the magazine, then select the best and put it all together. The magazines run between 50-60, use 20-pound white interior paper, full-color CMYK interior ink, 100-pound white exterior paper, have a full-color CMYK exterior, contain 0 ads, and look a little something like this inside.

JPG is published quarterly and each issue is available for $19.99, printed on-demand by Lulu, just for you. A box set of all 4 issues from 2005 can also be purchased for 59.99, and includes four high quality vinyl JPG stickers.


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