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Sketch Swap.

by Richard

Draw a picture, and get one back. Sketch Swap shows you the picture as it was drawn by the person who made it, step by step. I’ve gotten back some pretty cool pictures so far.



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7 Responses to “Sketch Swap.”

  1. Larry Says:


    Such a tease!

  2. chick Says:

    I hate surprises!! It’s sooooo time to eat.

  3. Phil Renaud Says:

    Oh man, I loved using this thing.

    Having a tablet doesn’t hurt, either. :D

  4. danielo Says:

    I still don’t understand the secrecy behind upcoming betas like hnrgy. Is the idea of not revealing the intended function of the thing merely a way to give it a sense of mystery? To avoid having someone else steal the idea? I don’t find either satisfying as an answer, as the first merely suggests the idea itself is less interesting than vague mystery, and the second because it begs the question of why bother mentioning it at all until it’s done?

  5. Richard Says:

    Well, I don’t know about this hnrgy that you speak of ;) , but the reason that hngry is secret is a combination of your second choice and something else: I think it’s an innovative idea that I wouldn’t like to be stolen out from under me…since I have a full-time job and am developing alone I can’t really say I’ll have it out by a certain date yet, so why thrown the idea out there so someone else can beat me to the punch? Also, it isn’t on a real server of its own yet (it’s on shared hosting for testing purposes) and probably couldn’t handle a real load yet. Why bother mentioning it at all until it’s done? Because I’d like to drum up some interest for it before it launches, and I’d like to see how many people it can handle at once. The more people that sign up and use it on launch day, the better I can feel about the server handling the load.

    If you’re interested, sign up… If not, or you just want to see it when it comes out and is finally online and fully functional… that’s fine too. I’m not trying to force hngry on anyone. :)

  6. Shelli Says:

    It’s been about a month, and I am addicted to making sketches on In fact, I was inspired to create a blog to show my scribblings. Also, after submitting a drawing, I got one back from above-poster, Phil Renaud. Neato.

  7. Booska Says:

    I’ve been blogging my sketch swap exchanges too. Check them out at – just scroll down til you see pictures.