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Shut up and follow me. *

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First off, hi there. I’m the new writer. Thanks to Richard for having me on! Now, I am told that FA’s main demographic consists mostly of tech-savvy, gadget-oriented people. People who, therefore, have probably heard of that quirky love-child of Japanese creativity and weirdness, Katamari Damacy. But unless you can read Japanese, you probably haven’t taken a look at the fabulous Japanese site for the game, nor seen the, er, amazingly cool Flash game there. You can play with 1, 2, 3 or 6 royal cousins, and for those who can’t read Japanese, the link in the bottom right corner reading モドル (or modoru, meaning return) is what you press to quit the game. Happy rolling!


Also, here’s the Flickr page for Icelandic photographer Rebekka, whose talent is simply humbling.

* Bit of an in joke there. One of my favorite songs from the first KD has a line that goes: “Damatte ore ni tsuite koi,” which means, roughly, “shut up and follow me”.

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there is also a secret in this game. When selecting how many royal cousins to play with, click the arrow at the top of the pyramid and the top will explode… This reveals an option to play with 48 (48!!!) royal cousins!! pretty sweet! GO KATAMARI!


I must mention that there are many tech-savvy, gadget-oriented people who have no clue what any of this means.

Stephen: 48?! That’s crazy talk.

Larry: Picture this. You’re a prince. A princely prince. And your dad, the King of All Cosmos, has gone on (yet another) drunken bender, and destroyed all the stars in the sky. And now it’s your job (typical) to put them back.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “How the hell am I going to replace the stars in the sky?” Well, Daddy’s got a great solution: the katamari. For those who are interested, katamari means “ball of stuff” in Japanese. (Damacy means soul. And no, I don’t understand why they named the game that way either. That’s why I said it was weird.) So the katamari starts out as this nobbly ball, which must be pretty sticky, because it picks up whatever it touches. The idea of the game (a PS2 game, if you didn’t know) is for you, the prince, to roll the katamari around and pick up stuff, making the ball bigger and bigger until you’ve reached a target goal. And once you have, your katamari will become a star in the recently denuded sky.

But there’s a catch. You can only pick up stuff that’s smaller than your katamari. If, for example, your katamari starts out as 5 cm across, you can’t pick up much more than thumbtacks and erasers. If you run into a pencil, you’ll just bounce off, and stuff you’ve picked up will fall off your katamari besides. So stay away from the bigger stuff (especially the cats!) until your ball of stuff is big enough. And eventually, you’ll be able to pick up those cats, the kids playing baseball at the park, the trees in the park, cars passing by, the gas station down the street, the hotel on the other side of town, the town itself, clouds, islands, giant squid, rainbows…the possibilities are endless.

So if you haven’t played KD or its sequel, the recently released We ♥ Katamari, I suggest you drop whatever you’re doing, go rent or buy the game, and start playing! Go. Go forthwith. Your boss doesn’t need you at that meeting, not really.

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