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Movie Quiz.

by Richard

You may have seen the original movie quiz, where you are given a snapshot of a scene from a movie and have to identify the movie based on that alone. It’s back, with version 2, and I’ve spent a good while trying to figure some of them out. How well do you know your movies?


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3 Responses to “Movie Quiz.”

  1. The Emotional Pumpkin » Stupid internet quizzes: a compendium Says:

    […] Hat tips: FreshArrival for the movie quizzes, InstaPundit for the sci-fi one, and my friend Lori for the 80s’ lyrics one. Filed under Movies/TV , Music , Internet/Technology , Diversions []     […]

  2. Shelli Says:

    I got 17 on the 2nd one, and only 6 on the first. Some people were hard to make out in the pictures. Good referral, I passed it along to my geeky friends.

  3. pb Says:

    ugh. I got 19, but a couple are killing me. (19 on the first one as well…)