Gypsy jazz.

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If you read my blog, you know that recently I went looking for themes from old 8-bit Nintendo games to use as ringtones on my new RAZR. This morning, probably in response to that post, a friend (thanks, George) sent me a link to a blog post introducing, “an online community of amateur musicians who make recordings of video-game music” (site temporarily disabled due to technical issues). As if that wasn’t cool enough, the author had recorded his own version of the Super Mario Bros. 2 level 1 theme, in the “gypsy jazz” style of Django Reinhardt. I listened to the song, then promptly downloaded it to add to my iTunes library—and bless him for making it available for free. Enjoy!


PS – For the musically knowledgeable, here are the chords from his arrangement.
PPS – A piece of trivia. The talented musician is Adrian Holovaty, who just happens to be the lead developer for Django, the Python open-source web app framework. And I’d wondered where the name came from; I guess this is my answer.

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[…] FreshArrival, you might have seen my post there some time ago about Adrian Holovaty’s gypsy jazz-style recording of the Super Mario Bros. 2 level 1 theme song. In response, an FA reader later sent in a link to this performance by German guitar prodigy Joscho Stephan in the same style: The first thing about Joscho that strikes the listener is the incredible cleanliness of his fingering execution. No matter how fast and intricate, no technical demands seem to ruffle this monster chopster in the least. […]

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