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Jordan who?

by Richard

Last game of the season. An autistic boy who was the heart and soul of his high school team but had never played in a game put on a uniform and hit 6 straight 3 pointers in about 4 minutes. Just watch.


(I changed the link to point to the Google Video version, because the YouTube one keeps breaking.)

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12 Responses to “Jordan who?”

  1. Remco Says:

    Unfortunatly the video is not available to watch any more at YouTube…

  2. Chris Coyier Says:

    It got pulled off of YouTube and I can’t seem to find it available anywhere else. Someone have a link to a mirror or something?

  3. Remco Says:

    Any specific reason why it got pulled of YouTube?

  4. Remco Says:

    Ah, ik Google we trust…they have the video posted as well:

  5. Brian Del Vecchio Says:

    This is a hot and interesting story:

    On the CBS blog:

    a link to the video on CBS site:

  6. chick Says:

    I found it on MSNBC.

  7. Sean Sperte Says:

    Also on Google video.

  8. Richard Says:

    I don’t know why it keeps getting pulled. This is ridiculous. Such a great story, and the YouTube links keep breaking. Ugh.

  9. jehosaphat Says:

    This is an awesome story. I don’t usually go for sports drama, but this one is special.

  10. Remco Says:

    The only reason I can think of is because they might think CBS news owns to copyright… But you’re right, its a great story!

  11. Richard@Home » Blog Archive » links for 2006-03-01 Says:

    […] FreshArrival » Blog Archive » Jordan who? Haven’t watch it yet (youtube is suffering from the digg/slashdot effect today) (tags: baseball) […]

  12. zinnfan Says:

    From the “Local Outlets”: