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Blurb allows you to make your own hardcover book using a special program called BookSmart. The books look totally professional, and can contain pretty much anything you want to put in them…(heck, they even have an easy way to turn your blog into a book!) You can create your books for free, and only pay for them when/if you decide to get a copy (or several.) BookSmart will be available for download for PC and Mac very soon (should have been yesterday), and you can sign up to know when they’re allowing you to download the software and get started.


To all you Law and Order:SVU fans… Stephanie March is coming back to NBC with a new crime drama from the makers of Law and Order.. It’s called Conviction, and it starts Friday. You can download a music video, behind the scenes look and the entire first episode from iTunes, for free, right here. I’ve already set BeyondTV to record all new episodes.

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