Your emblem.

Design, Gifts by Richard

YourEmblem lets you create just that, your own emblem in PVC coated, weather/fire resistant aluminum letters that permanently stick to just about anything you’d like to put them on. They look very slick and will match the metallic lettering on any car, as they’re the same kind of letters that car manufacturers use on new automobiles. They’re available in whatever character combination you would like, including a couple of symbols… and they ship internationally.


Apparently, CBS is behind the repeated pulling of the basketball video I posted a couple of days ago. Idiots.

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Nice idea, but they could make it even better by using the exact same typography as used by the car manufacturer. I would love to use the Mercedes font to form my own message on the back of my Benz!

(not that I own a Mercedes, but it’s the idea that counts)

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