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Love art? Love prints? Love art prints? we*heart*prints selects the best, affordable art prints on the web and links them up for your viewing pleasure. That’s pretty much it. :) It’s a new site, so they don’t have a lot of prints linked yet…but all the ones that are are great. Definitely worth bookmarking and checking regularly!


In other news, I got some nice, fast hosting for hngry a few days ago, and it will be up on March 11th. I can’t wait!

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[…] You may have noticed we have a new category here on FreshArrival: “Reasonably Priced“. Several readers asked for features on products that were lower in price than the often expensive gadgetry we sometimes feature. Splendid idea, I think. Here are some things I’ve run across recently. You know I’m a sucker for prints…. […]

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