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by Richard

Woxy is an online radio station with tons of credibility. Once upon a time, they were a terrestrial radio station in Ohio. Now, they’re online only, and getting rave reviews, playing awesome music, and you can listen in for free, (or pay for higher quality streams). Oh, and there aren’t any commercials. There’s a membership drive going on right now, so if you really like their music selection, please consider becoming a member.

If they play a song, and it’s available online in physical or digital format, there are handy links that take you directly to your choice of store so you can buy it.


The Simpsons intro.. with real, live actors.

FreshArrival has been picked to be the Cool Site of the Day for March 6, 2006. Sweet.

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2 Responses to “Woxy.”

  1. Gemma Says:

    You put Wozy instead of Woxy :)

  2. Richard Says:

    Wow, I did! It’s fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.