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VideoSift is a website that allows its users to submit interesting videos from YouTube and Google Video. Submitted videos are posted in the VideoSift Queue for the consideration of other VideoSift users. Users may vote on videos that they like. When a certain level of votes for a video is reached, the video will be published on the front page. Sort of like Digg, but for videos.


I just found out that apparently, Sour Bob is back. (caution, a bit of swearing.) Well worth bookmarking or subscribing to, though, cause he’s hilarious just about every time.. unless he’s crying. :)

Also, hngry will be up tomorrow! Finally.

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Certainly looks like a cool idea. And I see how it could be more useful than thinking of random things to search for on Google.

BTW you left out a V so it’s ideoSift, which sounds like idioSift which would be a sift for idiosyncrasies. Or something like that.

Why is this better than the functionality already built into Google and YouTube? Those are already user-generated and reviewed sites…

I just thought I would let you know that there is another site out there that is similar to VideoSift…it is called and well worth a look.

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